What's this?! A new look and more features?

Recognition & Rewards
September 7, 2018

The past few months have been busy at Qarrot! We've been lucky to sign-up new customers and to get great feedback from existing ones. And we love feedback! When customers request new features or functionality, we take note and put them onto our 'ideas board' for review. If we think an idea makes sense and would improve the experience and usefulness of Qarrot for most customers, chances are we'll add it!

With that in mind, today we're releasing both a new look for Qarrot as well as several new features. Here's the skinny on what you can expect the next time you log in:

A simple, more colourful look

We love the way Qarrot looks (who doesn't, right?!) but wanted to make some features more prominent and add a touch more colour. You'll notice the biggest changes on the Home page:

  • The social feed is larger and easier to read
  • Colourful section titles improve page navigation
  • Our new Get involved section in the top right displays actions you can perform depending on your role and settings. For example, you can now update your campaigns from this section
  • Your Profile is now always visible in the top right
Plus, we've added new icons for spending points, giving points, and badges earned.

Whenever you're recognized or send a recognition, you'll see these new icons.

New features, because you asked for them

Birthday Awards

We received so many requests for automated birthday awards, we just couldn't say no. Now, the Super Admin can create a birthday award in Manage > Milestone Awards to automatically celebrate all participating employees' birthdays (as long as employee profiles include their birth date - don't worry, we don't publish how old you are!)

International Rewards

If your organization has locations outside of the USA or Canada, you will now see the option to select 'Country of redemption' when you redeem for rewards. To start out, we've added rewards for 22 countries. If your company is based in the USA, but some employees are in the UK, they can simply select the United Kingdom right on their My Rewards page to get a list of rewards in Great British Pounds, for example.

Improved features

My Rewards

We made this section look better ... WAY BETTER. We hope you like it!

My Campaigns

Ditto. We've improved the look of this section and made it easier to use.

Employee profile

You can now see all recognitions you've received and given right from your profile. Admins can see this information too when they go to Manage/Employees and click on your profile.

Side menu

To make navigation easier for Admins, we've created two sub-sections in the left-hand menu: Manage and Organization. You can expand these sub-sections where you'll find all of the previous options available for Manage, but we've moved Dashboard and Settings under Organization (it's just better that way).

We hope you enjoy these improvements and new features.


The Qarrot Team

Louise Bienvenu

Among the many hats Louise wears, she's the Marketing Manager at Qarrot. She's driven by a passion for employee experience and making workdays a little brighter for everyone.