Incentive campaigns

Drive Results with Flexible Incentive Campaigns

Encourage collaboration and foster healthy competition within your team with objective-driven campaigns for better engagement and maximum results.

Objectives motivated by awards

Build engaging campaigns around any measurable objective and reward your top performers or team members who hit their goals once (or multiple times) with award points and badges.

Engaging gamification features

Establish healthy competition within your team by allowing campaign participants to track their progress towards objectives and compare their performance to others on the leaderboard. Plus, they can see when others earn campaign rewards and congratulate one another.

Effortless campaign administration

Benefit from our powerful automation features that enable your people to enter their own results or upload them yourself. Streamline admin tasks and empower your managers to create campaigns tailored to their teams' specific needs and objectives.

Tools for better employee engagement

Strengthen workplace culture with positive interactions

Reduce administration with automation