Program management

Simplify Admin Work and Eliminate the Paperwork

Reduce administrative workload with a comprehensive suite of tools that enable you to easily configure and manage every aspect of your program.

Streamline your onboarding process and get started in minutes

Onboard your people/team members with ease by adding them individually, in bulk, or via a registration link. Get started even faster by syncing with our growing list of HRIS integrations.

Monitor your program’s performance

Stay on top of your program's performance with our admin dashboard. Generate downloadable reports for a detailed view of your people's participation and engagement.

Offer great rewards to your people

Let your team choose among digital gift cards from hundreds of top brands in more than 20 countries. Customize your program further by adding as many company-provided rewards as you like.

Keep your program costs under control

Maintain control over your program costs by creating role-based budgets that let your people have a fixed amount of points to give.

Tools for better employee engagement

Increase performance and engagement with an objective-driven program

Strengthen workplace culture with positive interactions