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Strengthen workplace culture

Harness the power of appreciation with peer-to-peer recognition

Bring your people together by empowering them to recognize one another based on your organization's core values.

A woman standing on top of an @ character and a woman holding a chat bubble with 3 emojis.A woman standing on top of an @ character and a woman holding a chat bubble with 3 emojis.
A post with floating reactions around it: likes, comments, and points given.

Encourage positive interactions

Like, comment on, and contribute to each other's recognitions to cultivate an effective peer-to-peer recognition program with our public social feed.

A list of milestone you can celebrate in Qarrot: Years of service, Birthday, Work anniversary

Celebrate important milestones

Never miss your people’s birthdays or work anniversaries. Craft meaningful recognitions—supplemented with points and badges—for those events and the system takes care of the rest.

A list of values you can promote in Qarrot: Thank you, Team player, Problem solver, Strong leader, Superstar

Promote your values with badges

Foster a positive workplace culture based on your organization's core values with custom badges that can be attached to any recognition, milestone, or campaign objective.

An example of an announcement in Qarrot which contains a title, a cover image, a title, a body of text, and attachments/links.

Keep everyone in the loop

Publish and pin important program-related announcements to keep everyone—or only those impacted—in the loop. Attach pertinent documentation, images, or videos to your message.

See how it works, and learn how Qarrot can benefit your workplace

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