4 Necessary Upgrades To Your Employees’ Benefits in the Hybrid Workplace

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October 16, 2023

With more employees working both in-office and remotely, it's clear that the future of work is hybrid. In a recent study conducted by Benefits Canada, more than half (54%) of Canadian employers reported that they have begun using a hybrid work model. While this setup has many natural advantages for employees, it also presents a unique opportunity for companies to upgrade their employee benefits, both to attract and retain top talent.

This is important to consider since many traditional employee benefits are not hybrid-friendly, and cannot be fully utilized by employees. By upgrading these benefits, companies can create a win-win situation where employees are happier and more productive, while the employer benefits from increased loyalty and retention. Below are some ideas on hybrid-friendly benefits that your employees are sure to appreciate.

Desk equipment

Whether companies provide a budget for equipment or provide the actual equipment themselves, allocating resources for employees to be able to build better desk set-ups at home is crucial. Studies have shown that ergonomic desk equipment can improve employee health by reducing strain on their bodies, making them less likely to experience back pain, neck pain, and other posture-related issues. Feeling comfortable in workstations can also reduce fatigue, discomfort, and stress, leading to fewer breaks and higher productivity levels. In addition, better desk equipment like updated laptops or computer models, high-quality microphones, and noise-cancelling headphones can improve communication among both employees and employers.

Vision insurance

With continuous screen time brought about by the hybrid work setup, employees need to take care of their eyes more than ever. Eye strain and other vision problems can negatively affect productivity and even cause increased absenteeism. This is why vision insurance is a crucial aspect of hybrid work benefits, and why it is in the employer’s best interest to not only offer but also teach their employees how to use vision insurance. Employees can easily cash in these insurance packages for comprehensive eye exams, prescription lenses, and other vision-related expenses, or they can claim back the costs through direct or manual billings. This is easily accessible as some of these insurance processes can be done online through eyewear websites.

Wellness budgets

While specific wellness programs on their own can be a good employee benefit, these programs assume a one-size-fits-all approach. A company-chosen program may or may not be a good fit for an employee in a hybrid setup, which is why it would be good to amend this type of benefit by converting it into a wellness budget. This allows for flexibility and customization in wellness offerings. Like many other benefits, this can be done through reimbursement for eligible services such as gyms, spas, and various other wellness offerings. This approach can greatly reduce costs associated with traditional in-person wellness programs, and can even accommodate virtual wellness programs for employees who wish to avail of the benefits from the comfort of their own homes.

Flexible schedules

By allowing employees to set their own schedules, especially during remote working days, companies can help reduce their stress and promote work-life balance. Working during hours that suit personal needs and preferences can greatly increase productivity as employees are able to work during the time of the day when they are most awake and alert. Flexible schedules will also enable employees to accommodate other commitments, from prioritizing their mental health to spending time with their families, and many other personal endeavours. All things considered, flexible schedules are a low-cost benefit that can bring about high employee satisfaction. In addition, this benefit will help employers attract and retain top talent, especially those with caregiving responsibilities.

These are only a few benefit ideas that can help your employees and strengthen your company’s relationship with them. For more ideas and other related information on employee engagement and company culture, make sure to check our website!

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