5 ways to keep your virtual team connected

Workplace Organization
June 15, 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, you will be hard pressed to find a company that has not somewhat, if not completely, transitioned to a virtual workplace. With so many of us opting to work from home following public health advisories, video chatting and instant messaging have never been so popular. Although learning to work remotely can come with a bit of a learning curve, it doesn’t mean you have to feel disconnected from the rest of your colleagues! 

1. Encourage visibility amongst your team

Every workplace has its own morning coffee or lunch break ritual, and just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to go without it. It’s a good idea to mirror those same office interactions while your team is working remotely. This is also a great opportunity to opt for video chatting - just because we’re working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean we have to lose face to face interaction. Designating specific times to catch up with your colleagues, whether they be work-related or just casual chit chat, is important to maintain a human element while communicating virtually.

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2. Celebrate wins and recognize successes 

Social distancing doesn’t have to get in the way of celebrating your team's accomplishments and hard work! There are other ways you can acknowledge your colleagues while working from the comfort and safety of home -  like hosting a virtual happy hour or delivering a surprise care package. This would also be a great opportunity to introduce an employee rewards and recognition program, enabling you to strengthen workplace culture even while operating remotely. Encouraging positive interactions between colleagues will improve employee performance while reinforcing company values. 

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3. Get collaborative 

An estimated 75% of employers consider teamwork and collaboration very important in the workplace. Even though your team may be spread out over miles, rather than just offices, there are lots of tools that your team can use to collaborate effectively while working remotely. Here are a few of our favourite tools when it comes to organizing, managing, and tracking collaborative projects :

4. Share with your colleagues

While some members of your team may be seasoned professionals at working remotely, this is a new normal for most of us. Sharing pictures or videos of life while working from home is a great way to keep your virtual team feeling connected. From sharing home office decor ideas or a recipe that everyone can try for a team lunch. Why not include your pet on the next video call? Even though everyone is working in their own space, it’s still important that team members feel connected and have a sense of belonging.

5. Don’t forget about yourself

At the end of the day, working remotely and solely relying on technology to communicate with your colleagues can get the best of anyone. While it may be easy to lose track of time and dive into tasks, set boundaries between work and the rest of your day. Establish set times in which you will be available for your colleagues and when you will be logged off. Ensuring you make time to focus on your interests and hobbies outside of work is important. Allowing yourself to unplug and recharge means that you can bring your best to the team every day. 

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