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Recognition & Rewards
September 28, 2020

Rewarding and recognizing employees is both a powerful tool for reinforcing desirable behaviors and for strengthening company values and culture. Celebrating those individuals who exhibit favorable attitudes boosts both workplace culture and internal communications. From increasing employee morale to organizational loyalty, every member of your team can benefit from working in a recognition-rich environment. 

But how can you ensure that your recognition process packs a punch? Offer your employees a process that accurately reflects the goals, vision, and core values of your organization. Tailoring your process to fit your company's unique needs fosters engaged employees—who may otherwise be unresponsive to a more generic approach. The opportunity to create and customize your own program also gives managers the ability to learn what does—and what does not— motivate their teams. 

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One size rarely fits all—and the same can be said for recognition programs. Here at Qarrot, we believe in rewarding and recognizing your people on your own terms. As a manager or supervisor, you should be able to customize and update your recognition process as you see appropriate. Here are a few ways that Qarrot enables a custom, unique rewards and recognition solution tailored specifically to your team. 

Custom Badges  

Create a custom badge via Badges

Badges can be attached to recognitions or used as campaign awards. Admins can create badges based on any theme —so your creative license can run wild! Perhaps you want to create a badge for a monthly team challenge or quarterly sales target. Or maybe you’d like to create badges for each of your company’s core values. Once named, you can enter a brief description of the badge, explaining the award in more detail. You can then select an image from our library that best captures the essence of the badge, or you can upload your own image. 

Custom Rewards 

Create a custom reward via Catalog

Your rewards and recognition process should be customizable at all points - including the rewards themselves. The Qarrot catalog hosts a large selection of e-gift cards from over 20 countries, but if you’re looking to further customize your rewards you can create as many company-provided rewards as you like. These can be any product, service, or benefit that your company wishes to provide. For example, days off, lunch with the boss, and company swag are common themes. Once you have given your reward a name, for example “Morning coffee and bagels on the boss”, add an accompanying description, image, and point value. Custom rewards are a unique way you can complement and reinforce existing company culture. 

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Integration with existing tools 

Integrate your existing tools via Settings

Your recognition process should also be easily accessible for admins and employees alike—so we’ve enabled Qarrot to integrate easily with your existing HR and communications tools. If your team is already using BambooHR, you can easily sync your employee database with Qarrot. This means no manual updating, adding, or deleting employees— reducing the administrative load. You also have the option of connecting Microsoft Teams and Slack accounts to Qarrot. This enables activities such as recognitions and campaign awards to appear directly within dedicated channels on those applications—providing an easy, hands-free way that keeps everyone in the loop. 

Add your organizational branding 

Customize branding via Settings

Part of having a rewards and recognition program that compliments your organization is that it also feels like part of your organization. Qarrot makes it easy to customize your company account with logos and color schemes of your choice. From the Settings page, SuperAdmins can easily import custom logos to their Qarrot account and select choices from our color palette. Colors and logos can be updated at any time, so your recognition program can always be tweaked to reflect your current branding. 

Learn how to make any of these customizations in your own Qarrot account by visiting our support page: 

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Jamie Doyle