Meet the new Qarrot!

May 17, 2022

We’re excited. This is big. Really BIG.

On May 18, 2022, we look forward to introducing you to Qarrot 3.0. This 3rd generation of our employee recognition platform includes many updates and some very cool new features.

Plus, Qarrot 3.0 includes a whole new look. So if you liked Qarrot before, we’re confident that you’ll love what our customer success, product, engineering, quality, and marketing folks have been hard at work on for the past while.

Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Why are we making changes to Qarrot?

Since the inaugural launch of Qarrot in 2017, we have continually updated the platform by adding new features, functionality, beefing up the system’s infrastructure, creating mobile apps, fixing bugs, and more.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot. A better way to build and manage Qarrot across its web, iOS, and Android applications. Better ways of organizing and presenting the app, so that it’s easier and more fun to use for administrators and employees, alike. More powerful solutions for managing and organizing employee data so that larger organizations can use Qarrot as successfully as smaller ones. And, we’ve learned a lot from customers and users like you, who have provided feedback about tweaks and improvements to Qarrot that would make it work better for you. 

What is changing with Qarrot 3.0?

In short, a lot.

Apart from upgrades to our back-end infrastructure that aren’t readily visible to users, below are some of the improvements we hope will make Qarrot work better for you:

A brand new design. 

With Qarrot 3.0, we’re introducing a new look to the entire application. Along with the clean layout, here are some changes you’ll notice:

1. The menu now appears along the top of your viewport, not on the left-hand side

2. Your points and badges are now more visibly presented to the left of the social feed

3. Your campaigns and any pinned announcements now appear to the right of the social feed

4. The social feed has also been upgraded with posts now presenting information more clearly

5. Plus, badges are now larger and have a new hexagonal shape, which we love! 

new Home design

Addition of Spanish and French!

If you prefer to interact with your program in another language, now you can change your display language to Spanish (International) or French (Canada) or stay with English:

language selector

Our menus, labels, instructions, and notifications will now display in the language you select. 

New notification center and more control over communication preferences.

netifications settings

Now you can access your notification center by clicking on the intray icon next to your avatar from any section. Plus, we’ve added the ability for you to select which notifications you receive by push or by email so that you only receive the ones you want. 

Better campaigns. 

We’ve revamped campaigns so that it’s easier to view important details and have added a new global leaderboard so that participants can readily see how they’re doing.

campaign award report

Plus, you’ll no longer receive an award winner notification and social feed post every time someone earns points within a campaign. We’re replacing these with one consolidated award winner post and notification that will go out daily.

Easier way to view and sort rewards. 

It’s now easier to filter and sort rewards - whether by country (if your account is multi-country), by type, and by value. Plus, newly added rewards have a new’ indicator on them and your most recent purchases are more easily viewable.

my rewards

Improved reward management. 

As a program administrator, you now can disable brands, specific gift card denominations (so that your rewards are only available above certain denominations), and entire categories.

Plus, if you create customer or company-provided rewards, you have the ability to set multiple people for fulfillment (previously, we provided just one person). And you can now set stock limits so that if you have a limited quantity of any item, this can be set for the reward.

manage rewards catalog

A new way to organize and find your people. 

As a program administrator, you can now create custom fields for employee profiles that allow for better organization and filtering of your people.

For example, you may wish to create the custom field “Department” so that each employee’s department can be added to their profile. This way, when you create a new campaign, you can easily filter the people you want to invite based on their department. Or if you’re an employee, you can filter people by department in order to more easily find the person you want to recognize.

employee custom fields

Custom fields make it easier to filter people across all sections of Qarrot - whether you’re an administrator or a regular employee. And you can create as many as you need.

A new dashboard for people managers.

Now team leads (aka managers) have their own team dashboard. While appearing identical to the dashboard available to program administrators, it differs in that it only includes the data for the members of that team. If a manager is the team lead for more than one team, she can easily toggle between teams to view the dashboard for each. 

And with so many other changes across Qarrot, we encourage you to take a moment on May 18th to review your account and familiarize yourself with the new look, layout, and feature updates.

And there’s more to come! Our roadmap for 2022-23 is packed full of new features, integrations, and other updates.

For now, we hope you enjoy the current updates and encourage you to contact our customer success team should you have any questions.

Aaron Carr