Qarrot enters strategic partnership with

September 28, 2020

For the past few months, we’ve been in discussions with, a really cool conversational employee platform, about a strategic partnership.

To date, Qarrot hasn’t entered into any partnerships that I would describe as "strategic". So, you might be curious to ask: Why now? And, why

If nothing else, the past 6 months have caused us to think deeply about how the workplace is changing. Remote work is creating many challenges that most managers hadn’t previously had to contend with. For many, the days of casually catching up with a colleague or team member in the hallway or in a meeting room are gone for good.

These changes not only impact how organizations boost morale and improve performance, but also how managers stay in touch with their employees to gauge how they’re doing and what support they may need.

That’s what’s so cool about They’ve developed an empathetic AI chatbot, called Kim, that has organic conversations with employees to understand what’s going well and where change is needed.

When there are issues, Kim escalates them. Now, with the power of Qarrot, Kim also brings your team's wins to your attention so you can recognize and reward them in a timely and meaningful way.

Combined, we believe that Weeve + Qarrot represents a truly powerful solution for people leaders and managers of all stripes.

To learn more about our combined solution, see our video here:

Aaron Carr