Qarrot is now available for Slack and Microsoft Teams

April 24, 2024

Since embarking on our journey to build easy-to-use employee rewards and recognition software for growing businesses, we’ve gotten all kinds of requests.

Our customers aren’t shy about asking for features to improve their experience, and prospects also let us know about functionality that would serve their program objectives. This feedback has helped inform our product roadmap. And it’s resulted in many improvements being developed over the last few years - whether new design, improved functionality, additional features, or apps and integrations with third-party applications.

In fact, early on many customers asked about an integration with Slack. So, we built a fairly basic webhook integration in 2019. It was good, but still required customers’ employees to toggle over to the Qarrot web application to perform most actions.

Much has changed since that early Slack integration.

Qarrot for Slack

In 2023, we finally ditched the webhook integration for Slack! In its place, we’ve launched the Qarrot app for Slack. Find Qarrot in the Slack app directory.

Qarrot integrates seamlessly with Slack making spontaneous peer recognition easy

While customers can still connect the Qarrot social feed to a Slack channel, they can also install the Qarrot app. This permits their employees to open Qarrot in Slack and perform a number of actions, including seeing their points balance and sending recognitions.

Employees can also view their personalized social feed in Slack as well as the leaderboard and any incentive campaigns they’re participating in. For actions that are still done in our web application, we’ve included quick links so employees can be redirected with one click.

Our customers tell us that these additions have made using Qarrot even easier, since employees can participate in their recognition program right from a work tool they use everyday! Increased participation improves employee engagement with the program, thereby helping to drive better results for both employers and their staff.

Adding Qarrot to your Slack account is easy. Read our help center article here.

Our work here isn’t done! We’re aiming to provide access to more actions and to further improve the Slack experience over the coming year.

Qarrot for Microsoft Teams

In 2023, we also launched our app for Microsoft Teams. Find Qarrot in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace

We’re very excited about Qarrot for Microsoft Teams. Like with Slack, customers can install Qarrot so that the app is available for all employees. Plus, they can connect the public social feed to a Teams channel. 

But, the reason for our enthusiasm is that all Qarrot features and functionality are available in the desktop version of Microsoft Teams. 

For example, the look and feel of Qarrot are the same as those of our web application. And admins, managers, and employees can perform all actions within the Teams app! There isn’t any need to toggle between Teams and our web application whether you’re sending a recognition, entering a campaign result, redeeming for a reward, or pulling a report.

Note that Microsoft limits certain actions, such as redeeming rewards, on the mobile version of the Teams app.

Adding Qarrot to your Teams account is easy. Read our help center article here

And if your organization uses Outlook, you can similarly add Qarrot to your account in the same way as you would for Teams. 

Our work here also isn’t done! We’re continually looking for ways to make our Teams and Outlook experience even better, whether that’s through additional alerts and notifications or enabling employees to send recognitions from right within a Teams channel.

Plus, we’re very close to launching Qarrot for another major productivity and communication platform! We’re incredibly excited about this upcoming development and will share further news soon.

Aaron Carr