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Motivate improved performance

Tailor your program with objective-driven campaigns

Launch better incentive campaigns to motivate your people to achieve goals, complete tasks, or hit performance metrics.

A woman looking at performance charts of her staff members.A woman looking at performance charts of her staff members.
A list of objectives: achieve $500 in new sales, generate 5 new leads, and reach 100 accident-free days.

Objectives motivated by awards

Build campaigns around any measurable objective, and award points and badges to anyone—top performers or all—who reach their goal once or multiple times.

A leaderboard tracking the progress of participants against an objective.

Engaging gamification features

Campaign participants can track their progress towards the objective and see how they're doing compared to others on the leaderboard. Plus, participants can see when others earn campaign awards and can congratulate one-another.

An activity history showing the results entered by the participants chronologically.

Effortless campaign administration

Benefit from automation features such as allowing your people to enter their own results or uploading them yourself. Empower your managers to create campaigns for their own teams.

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