Customer Success Story : Dell Technologies

Customer Success Story
September 18, 2020

Dell Technologies

Sydney, Australia

The company

Dell Technologies is committed to shaping future innovation and technology that drives human progress. With an impressive portfolio ranging from data security to IT infrastructure, Dell is the pioneering force paving the way to a Digital Future. 

Misha Moore is the Inside Sales Marketing Manager at Dell Technologies Asia Pacific. With over 300 employees to manage and motivate, she was in the market for an all-in-one employee recognition and rewards solution. Misha’s team spans across multiple countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and India. Such a diverse workforce needed a recognition program that could reflect their team's needs with a selection of rewards available across those regions. 

The challenge

Prior to Qarrot, their existing process posed issues when it came to distributing instant rewards, digital downloading, and ease of use. Employees reported a long window of time between redeeming and receiving rewards - unlike Qarrot where rewards are delivered instantly. It also lacked reporting capabilities, which was a key feature Misha wanted for her team's recognition workflow. Misha was looking for a program that would fit Dells’ specific requirements when it came to recognizing and rewarding their team. Our user-friendly approach to peer-to-peer recognition, incentive campaigns, and reporting capabilities stood out to Misha - which ultimately led her with the decision to choose Qarrot. 

The solution

Since adopting Qarrot, Misha has seen a boost in employee engagement and productivity. Her team has expressed overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding their experience using the platform, while Misha has been impressed with account services and Qarrot’s' easy-to-use interface. Transparency of rewards and quick turnaround time with our digital catalog means that incentives have more traction than ever before, increasing both employee motivation and performance. Before Qarrot, Misha estimates that she spent around 75% of her work week managing employee payouts - and now it’s as little as 20%. We were able to replace Misha’s time-consuming administration tasks with streamlined automation. Now Misha has more time to focus on her core responsibilities and drive employee performance in a recognition rich environment.

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Jamie Doyle