Qarrot motivating Vision Source’s franchise employees to achieve record sales performance

Engagement & Motivation
April 25, 2016

Qarrot is a motivation, communication, and training platform for retailers and franchisers to motivate front-line staff to rapidly improve their sales performance.

Ottawa and Montreal, Canada—April 18, 2016; Qarrot, a motivation, communication, and training platform for retailers and franchisers, publicly launched today following a one-year closed pilot.

Qarrot’s mission is to help retailers increase sales by improving the performance of their front-line staff.  Easy sales data capture and tracking, training and communications capabilities, a catalog of hundreds of e-gift cards, plus proprietary gamification features make Qarrot a great fit for retailers with large, franchised store networks looking to boost their front-line staffs’ sales performance.

Vision Source, North America's largest franchise network of retail optometrists, piloted Qarrot in 2015 before rolling-out a full-scale program in January 2016 to their 4,000 locations across the United States with over 6,000 front-line staff participating on the sales performance platform.

Before implementing their front-line sales performance program powered by Qarrot, more than 60% of Vision Source patients were purchasing glasses or contact lenses from competitive providers and channels, resulting in hundreds of millions in lost sales opportunities.

“With Qarrot Performance, we launched one of the most successful and beneficial programs in the history of our company. Qarrot is my “go to” for incentive award programs," says Walt West, VP Practice Development, Vision Source.

By incentivizing franchise employees and rewarding sales performance, Qarrot helps retailers prevent lost sales opportunities and motivate their front-line to actively promote high margin add-ons . In the United States alone, lost sales opportunities cost retailers over $1 trillion annually.

Over $28 billion in spent annually by U.S. companies on non-cash incentives to motivate their employees. Of this, Qarrot estimates that $8 billion is attributable to retailers for front-line sales performance motivation.

Qarrot has been honing in on organizations with franchised networks in the L-SPARK Incubator. They’re now half-way through the four-month program designed to help early stage SaaS companies execute a go-to-market strategy.

With the help of the organization’s well-connected Directors, mentors and advisers, Qarrot has caught the attention of a large Canadian bank. The platform will be rolled out at all locations to incentivize staff to sell financial products.

About Qarrot

Qarrot Performance is a cloud-based retail sales motivation, communications, and training platform. With clients in both the United States and Canada, Qarrot is already motivating thousands of front-line retail employees at more than 1,200 store locations.

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Aaron Carr