How Qarrot makes remote work easy

Recognition & Rewards
October 8, 2020

Although the future of the workplace remains uncertain, one thing is for sure - flexible and remote work options have become the new normal. In our unforeseen pandemic reality, companies are faced with redefining the notion of “business as usual” - as business activities are now happening at dining room tables and living room couches. Although remote work is nothing new, the number of companies that perform business operations outside of the traditional office has skyrocketed. 

While the shift towards remote work is a learning curve for both employers and employees alike, with the right tools in tow, work can happen just about anywhere. In addition to being productive, keeping employees motivated and engaged can also be achieved while working from home. For example, Qarrot let’s managers and colleagues recognize great work no matter where they’re working. Plus, our automation makes it easy to keep your program running even when you’re not all under the same roof.  So, you’ll be well-armed to keep both your employees and business thriving in our new remote reality. 


Foster a digital workplace culture 

The task of creating a workplace culture is no longer constrained to office parties or casual Fridays. Instead, companies now have to craft the same experience, digitally - a culture that can exist without geographical limits. Luckily, with Qarrot, you can create a recognition rich environment that encompasses every member of your team near and far. A collective approach to rewards and recognition is a sure-fire way to keep your employees engaged while fostering a supportive work culture. During these unfamiliar times, streamlining internal communications and transparency is imperative. Qarrot also features custom badges and rewards you can create to further solidify your organization's unique core values. 

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Reward employees instantly  

Celebrating employees when they achieve goals both big and small is a great way to boost confidence and morale. When it comes to choosing a rewards and recognition process, the most effective ones will deliver rewards promptly. If there is a lag time between recognizing and rewarding an employee, there is a loss in momentum that can sidetrack future employee motivation. When employees redeem their points earned in the Qarrot reward catalog, digital gift cards are immediately sent to their email. If they are redeeming a company-provided reward, the details are instantly sent to the appropriate contact who is responsible for reward distribution. You can also update your rewards catalog and budget at any time. Qarrot makes rewarding your employees easy and instant - no office required. 

Incentivize employees with objective-driven campaigns 

Qarrot makes keeping track of multiple incentive campaigns and teams a breeze - no matter how widely dispersed. You can create incentive campaigns that measure whatever objective you like and award your employees with both points and badges. Campaigns are conveniently enabled with gamification features - so employees can keep score with their colleagues through the leaderboard and see each others’ campaign awards and recognitions. Managers can easily create incentive campaigns for their own teams, and team members can upload their own results. 

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Monitor campaign and employee progress 

Keeping track of your employees’ progress - whether that's individual accomplishments or campaign performance - can also be done remotely with Qarrot. Admins and Team Leads in charge of automatic campaigns can view both the progress reports and results of their respective campaigns. They also have the option to export that information to Excel. You can review all points and badges earned by an employee through an employee's activity history, or by generating a points/badges earned report. No matter how many employees, teams, or incentive campaigns you may be juggling, Qarrot makes it easy to monitor everyone's progress. Plus, keeping an eye on employee activity means you can learn exactly what motivates your team members and drives performance. 

Discover how your team can benefit from peer-to-peer recognition - book a demo with Qarrot today! 

Jamie Doyle